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Goat Organic Production

Goats Updated: October 13, 2015

 Below are some websites that may be helpful if you are interest in starting an organic goat production system:

Goat Operation (Dairy, Meat, Fiber)

Goats Updated: February 24, 2015

Starting in the goat business, it is necessary to know the best management practices of the operation (dairy, meat or fiber) before you begin. The following...

Goat Vegetation Goats Beneficial

Goats Updated: June 24, 2014

Several characteristics of goats make them the animal of choice for vegetation management. Goats are a low-input animal, require a minimum investment for...

Goat Marketing

Goats Updated: June 09, 2014

Meat Goat MarketingDemographic shifts in the United States indicate that there are almost 53 million people who have a preference for goat meat. There are...

Goat Nutrition Nutrients

Goats Updated: January 15, 2014

Nutrients are defined as substances that aid in the support of life. The six classes of nutrients include protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals, and...

Goat Management Wheel

Goats Updated: November 11, 2013

The Meat Goat Management Wheel makes meat goat management and production decisions simple and easy.The wheel is basically a management calendar. To use it,...

Goat Vegetation Goats Dietary

Goats Updated: June 19, 2013

Dietary preferencesIt is necessary for goats to consume a plant in order to control it. Therefore, the question is, “Will goats eat the plant or target...

Goat Facilities

Goats Updated: April 24, 2013

Websites that are available to help in designing facilities for goats:The following plans were developed for Tobacco Barns but will work for any existing...

Ethnic Marketing Issues

Goats Updated: November 14, 2012

Many potential consumers of goat meat are from different ethnic and religious groups that have specific requirements and rules for food. Many of these groups...

Goat Market Grade Examples

Goats Updated: June 29, 2012

PDF version

Goat Feeding By-Products

Goats Updated: June 28, 2012

Goat Body Condition Score

Goats Updated: June 28, 2012

The adequacy of a nutritional program can be assessed by observing changes in body weight and condition of the animal. If animals lose weight, body condition...

Goat Feeding the Lactating Doe

Goats Updated: June 28, 2012

The lactating doe has very high nutrient requirements. Calculate the requirements for a 4-year-old, 110-pound Boer cross doe nursing twins in week four of...

Goat Feeding Replacement Bucks and Does

Goats Updated: June 28, 2012

Replacement bucks and does must gain sufficient weight from weaning to breeding to be adequately large and sexually mature. A Spanish doe weaned at 12 weeks...

Goat Feeding Bucks

Goats Updated: June 28, 2012

Mature bucks can obtain most of their nutrients from pasture. However, yearling and 2-year-old bucks have greater nutrient requirements since they are...

Goat Feeding Different Classes

Goats Updated: June 28, 2012

The feeding suggestions that follow are oriented to commercial goat producers. Purebred, show and companion animals are often fed more for larger frames and...

Goat Interactive Nutrient Calculator

Goats Updated: June 28, 2012

Practical goat nutrition involves providing sufficient nutrients for a desired level of productivity (milk, meat, or kids) at a reasonable cost. Nutrients...

Goat Nutrition GI tract

Goats Updated: June 28, 2012

Goats are ruminants, animals with a four-compartment stomach, as are cattle, sheep and deer. The compartments are the reticulum, rumen, omasum and...

Goat Winter Feeding of Does

Goats Updated: June 28, 2012

Early to mid-winter is a time when does should be in early pregnancy. The goal of a wintering program is to economically provide the necessary nutrients to...

Goat Vegetation Management

Goats Updated: November 23, 2011

For well over 100 years, goats have been used to manage unwanted vegetation in the United States. The role of goats in vegetation management is expected to...

Marketing Goat to Restaurants

Goats Updated: October 05, 2011

Rory Lewandowski, Extension Agent Ag/NR Athens CountyGoat meat is a unique product that is very much in demand among certain segments of our population. But...

Goat Respiratory Diseases

Goats Updated: August 24, 2011

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