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Managing Small Hive Beetles

Bee Health Updated: November 05, 2014

What you can do to prevent or limit their damage

Handbook of Small Hive Beetle IPM

Bee Health Updated: July 26, 2013

Dr. Michael Hood, Extension Apiculturist at Clemson University has released a detailed Extension bulletin on Small Hive Beetle Integrated Pest Management.

How can I prevent small hive beetles from injuring my honey bee colony?

Bee Health Updated: May 14, 2012

Maintain healthy bee colonies capable of protecting all comb in the hive. This includes mite and disease prevention and having young, healthy queens....

What are small hive beetles and where did they come from?

Bee Health Updated: May 14, 2012

The small hive beetle, Aethina tumida Murray, is a pest of honey bees, that was first discovered damaging honey bee colonies in Florida in the spring of...

What kind of damage can the small hive beetle cause in honey bee colonies?

Bee Health Updated: May 14, 2012

Beetles are most likely to be found in colonies that have been weakened by some other factor, usually mites. Larvae are most damaging because they feed on...

How can I tell the difference between small hive beetle larvae and wax moth larvae?

Bee Health Updated: May 14, 2012

Small hive beetle larvae often congregate in corners, possibly to retain heat. This clustering distinguishes beetle larvae from wax moth larvae that are...

Where would you expect to find the various life stages of the small hive beetle within an apiary?

Bee Health Updated: May 14, 2012

Eggs are normally found within cracks and crevices of the hive or under the cappings of brood cells. Larvae are found crawling in and out cells of the comb...

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