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Farm to School Bottom Line

Healthy Food Choices in Schools Updated: September 01, 2015

Farm to School is an important and exciting program that supports local economies and promotes student interest in foods that are grown near their school or...

Animal Welfare Standards and Commercial Aquaculture Operations

Animal Welfare Agricultural and Food Law Updated: September 01, 2015

Program description:  Environmental and ethical considerations are playing an increasing role in the food purchasing decisions of consumers and retailers....

Genetics and Genomics: An Introduction

Dairy Updated: September 01, 2015

 This article is part of our series of original articles on emerging featured topics. Please check here to see other articles in this series.Genetics is a...

Honey Bee Queens: Evaluating the Most Important Colony Member

Bee Health Updated: August 31, 2015

Learn what you need to know to have a prolific queen and colony 

Creative Art Helps Children Develop across Many Domains

Child Care Updated: August 31, 2015

Creative art activities can help children in all areas of development. Child care providers should plan creative activities with the child’s overall...

RNECE-South Training Webinar: Policy, Systems, and Environmental (PSE) Change in SNAP-Ed and EFNEP Programs

Community Nutrition Education Updated: August 29, 2015

 The SNAP-Ed/EFNEP South Regional Center of Excellence in Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention (RNECE-South) hosted the first of an ongoing series of...

Live Webcast Information

Animal Manure Management Updated: August 24, 2015

The next webcast is titled "Thermal Manure-to-Energy Systems for Farms: Technical and Environmental Feasibility". It will be held on September 18, 2015 at...

IPM Action Plan for Head Lice

Pest Management In and Around Structures Updated: August 20, 2015

Head lice, Pediculus capitis DeGeer, infest 10-12 million people (most commonly children three to twelve years of age) each year in the United States....

Personal Finance Webinars

Personal Finance Updated: August 12, 2015

Join us for free webinars featuring experts in personal finance. During our upcoming live webinars, you can interact with presenters and pose your own...

Overview of the Effects of Climatic Variability and Change on Forest Ecosystems in the Southeast United States

Climate, Forests and Woodlands Updated: August 12, 2015

The Global Change Research Act of 1990 requires the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) to produce the National Climate Assessment (NCA) for the...

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