Promising Practices

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This section contains examples of successful educational practices and programs to reach new audiences.

iLotería! A Culturally Appropriate, Effective Program for Latinos
One Extension educator discusses her keys to success in reaching out to Hispanic families.
Creating Reader-Friendly Materials
Articles and learning modules which help extension staff design, illustrate, and write culturally-appropriate materials.
Engaging New Audiences in Community Development
Gae Broadwater. Prepared for the 2001 Southern Region Community Development Institute Community development work that encompasses educational programs is in a position to provide leadership for understanding and working with the challenges presented by modern day diversity. Together, a combination of people, programs, and organizations in the community development arena can generate new forms of leadership for addressing change.
Ethnic Marketing: A Method to Market Programs to Ethnically Diverse Audiences in Extension
Lisa Guion, Samantha Chattaraj. Ethnic Marketing is a strategy to promote Extension programs in an effort to effectively reach ethnically diverse audiences. Understanding, appreciating and incorporating cultural norms, values and practices are important when designing marketing strategies for ethnically diverse populations. Large businesses and corporations have successfully used ethnic marketing over the last decade to increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts. Ethnic marketing also has real promise for Extension.

4-H Youth Development

Oregon Outreach
An initiative of the Oregon State University Extension 4-H Youth Development Program. The main goals of the project are to increase the statewide capacity of OSU Extension to support community-based programs for Latino(a) children, youth, and families, and to increase the quality and quantity of community-based, culturally relevant educational programs for Latino(a) children and youth.

Community Resource and Economic Development

{ ThinkQuest] competition
A website designed by kids as part of the ThinkQuest competition. It's a testament to what kids can accomplish, but also a good resource for workshops for teachers or other groups working with kids.


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