Fire Ant Treatment Chemical Control

Imported Fire Ants July 26, 2013|Print

Chemical Control

Pesticides are products designed to kill certain organisms. An insecticide is a pesticide formulated to kill insects. Chemical insecticides (both “organic” and man-made or synthetic products) continue to be the main method of battling fire ants. Insecticides registered by the EPA are considered to pose minimal risk to the user and the environment when used as directed. Insecticide applications can be aimed at the foraging ants and/or at the entire colony. The section on Fire Ant Insecticides refers to fire ant insecticides by generic names of active ingredients. These active ingredients are sold under various trade names. Carefully follow directions on the product label to understand the proper method of application, what protective clothing must be worn, re-entry intervals to observe, and proper watering practices before and after treatment.


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