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Bee Health July 30, 2013|Print
Image:HealthybeesThumb.jpgHelp honey bees fight for themselves with this interactive learning module.


Healthy Bees: A Course For Keeping Bees Healthy (and on their own six feet)


About the Course

By reading and completing fun and interesting modules online you'll learn about healthy bees and strategies you can use to keep them that way--with minimum or no use of pesticides and antibiotics.

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This course, developed by University of Minnesota beekeeping faculty, is given a fun twist with a "Hives Angels" theme, helping the user to easily digest and remember the research-based strategies for better colony health: Help the bees fight for themselves!

This course is packed with large, color photographs, original illustrations, and practical recommendations for beekeepers and anyone interested in beekeeping. It includes 5 units:

  1. Healthy Bees: An introduction to a healthy honey bee colony
  2. The Strategy: A 5-step approach for combating hive villains
  3. The Villains: Detailed descriptions of seven top threats to healthy colonies
  4. Resources: Direct links to free publications and information
  5. FAQ: Answers from Dr. Marla Spivak to real questions from beekeepers

After completing Healthy Bees, you will receive a Warrior's Certificate, certifying you worthy of helping bees to fight off their villains and stand on their own six feet. Display it proudly!

Registering for the Course

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Please note: this course is not offered for University credit of any kind.