Sort Objects That are Alike and Different for a Beginning Math Activity

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Parenting Tips for Your 27-28 Month Old Toddler


How to Play

  • Find three or four each of about four different things, like four playing cards, four ribbons, four pebbles, four leaves.
  • Mix these up and put them in a pile or a bowl.
  • Ask your child to sort them into piles of things that are alike.
  • If your child hasn’t learned the word alike, you may have to show him what you mean. Ask, “Are these 2 cards alike? Do they look the same? Put them in this bowl.”
  • If your child wants, you can take a turn at sorting too.

To make the game harder, you can make all the things almost alike, such as four small paper squares, four medium-sized paper squares, and four large paper squares.

Remember, play this and any game only as long as it’s fun for your child and for you.

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Note to Parents: When reading this newsletter, remember: Every baby is different. Children may do things earlier or later than described here. This newsletter gives equal space and time to both sexes. If he or she is used, we are talking about all babies.
References: These materials were adapted by authors from Extension Just in Time Parenting Newsletters in California, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Tennessee, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Wisconsin.


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