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Instructions for Implementing the Employed Family Caregiver Survey (PDF, 54 KB)

Sample Survey, Executive Summary and Report

Employed Caregiver Survey Results

Once you have completed the survey distribution, enter the data into the following form and generate your own Executive Summary and Report.

If you experience trouble printing the Executive Summary or Report, try

  1. CLICK the Executive Summary tab;
  2. CLICK "View" (along your top menu bar);
  3. CLICK "Page Break View";
  4. GRAB the blue border on the right side of the page and DRAG it right one column;
  5. SAVE your work and try printing again;
  6. REPEAT these steps for the Report.

Employed Caregiver Videos

These short videos address the issue of “employed caregiving" - topics related to care given to elderly family members by persons who are also employed.  The primary objective of these videos is to help employers create work environments that are supportive of families and households simultaneously engaged in work and elder care. Go to http://fyi.uwex.edu/balancingcare/2011/09/14/videos-on-issues-related-to-work-and-eldercare/ to view the videos and access additional information.

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