Perfect Summer Recipes

Families, Food and Fitness September 07, 2010 Print Friendly and PDF

Each season brings with it special foods that capture the essense of a certain time of year. Summer is no different. Long days, warm sunshine, and the occassional afternoon thunderstorm work together to supply a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables that define the summer table. Below are some of "Families Food and Fitness" favorite summer time recipes. These recipes feature special summer ingredients prepared in a light, guilt-free way. Enjoy!

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Italian Vegetable Salad
Spinach Orange Salad
“Salsy” Zucchini
Cucumber Tomato Salad
Peach Cobbler
Peppered Kabobs
Lemon Pepper Summer Vegetables
Creamy Watermelon Sorbet
Apple Carrot Salad
Potato Salad