Drinking Water Community Members

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Community Leadership Team, Content Contributors, Reviewers

  • Kelly Addy, University of Rhode Island
  • Elaine Andrews, University of WI-Madison
  • Lisa Bauer, University of WI-Madison
  • Brian Benham, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Stephanie Clemens, University of Maryland
  • James Hairston, Auburn University
  • Janice Kepka, University of WI-Madison
  • Kevin Masarik, University of WI-Stevens Point
  • Alyson McCann, University of Rhode Island
  • Kate Reilly, University of WI-Madison
  • Sharon Skipton, University of Nebraska
  • Fred Sorensen, University of Alaska
  • Kristine Uhlman, University of Arizona
  • Mark Walker, University of Nevada Reno

Content and/or FAQ reviewers

  • Janick Artiola, University of Arizona
  • Troy Bauder, Colorado State University
  • Ken Bradbury, University of Wisconsin
  • Amy Galford, Cornell University
  • Roxanne Johnson, North Dakota State University
  • Erin Ling, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Linda Masters, University of Arizona
  • Tom McCarty, Penn State University
  • Mark McFarland, Texas AgriLife Extension Service
  • Wendy Patoprsty, North Carolina State University
  • Uttam Saha, University of Georgia
  • William Sigler, Montana State University
  • Robert Simmons, Washington State University
  • Michael Smolen, Oklahoma State University

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