Preparing the Evaluation Instrument

Cooperatives March 08, 2011 Print Friendly and PDF

Authors: Phil Kenkel, Oklahoma State University,, and Bill Fitzwater,
Oklahoma State University

Many alternate forms of evaluation questionnaires have been developed. There is no single format that is superior. Most evaluation instruments use a rating scale for the majority of the questions. These are often supplemented with open-ended questions that identify areas where the manager excels and areas for improvement.

Some cooperatives attempt to design weighing schemes so that the scores from the individual measures can be summarized into an overall rating. Because this can be a difficult process, most boards use a summary question that provides the overall rating for the manager. A good compromise is to provide summary ratings for each area (marketing, financial, performance, etc.) as well as an overall rating. This helps to avoid situations where the ratings to the individual questions do not appear to correspond to the overall rating.

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