How much grain and/or hay should be fed to horses?

Horses July 22, 2006 Print Friendly and PDF
Horses will normally require 1-2 percent of their body weight in hay and grain. So the normal consumption rates for a 1100 pound horse would be 10-11 lbs. of grain and 10-11 lbs. of hay per day. If pasture is available, the grain can normally be cut in half, and most horses will not eat much hay when good pasture is available. Work, growth and reproductive activity changes a horse's requirement. So horses will need to be fed more if they are working hard or growing and less if they are inactive. Horses, like people, differ in their ability to utilize feed. So one may get fat on very little feed, and another may require twice as much feed. Ultimately, the horse needs to be fed according to its body condition. Check the body conditioning program on this website to determine whether you need to feed more or less to your horse.