How do you teach a horse to walk when it constantly wants to trot?

Horses August 17, 2006 Print Friendly and PDF
There are several things that could contribute to your horse's desire to trot constantly. You may be riding the horse differently than the previous owner, the horse may have a lot of excess energy, or it may be a training/behavior problem. I suggest you find an experienced horseperson to evaluate your horse and give you lessons in order to head off any developing problems and ensure that you have a good experience with your horse. In general, a horse that refuses to walk is being disobedient. There are two techniques you can use to establish control. First, direct the horse in a series of small circles (20-30 feet) and continue until the horse relaxes and begins to walk. When the horse is walking, direct him in a straight line. If he starts to trot again,guide him back into the circle until he walks again. Continue this exercise every day until the horse will walk as long as you want. The second exercise to establish control is to stop and back the horse each time he breaks into a trot. If you back the horse and make him stand still each time he trots before being asked, he should start to wait for your signal to begin trotting.