What do fire ants eat?

Imported Fire Ants May 08, 2014 Print Friendly and PDF

Fire ants eat almost anything!

Workers sting other insects and then tear them into manageable pieces, which they take back into the colony.

Fire ants are attracted to the oils in insects, worms, and seeds. This is why oils are used as attractants and insecticide solvents in fire ant baits. During the winter months, fire ants may be less attracted to oils.

Fire ants are also attracted to sugars, such as nectar or aphid honeydew. They use insects and other prey as protein sources.

Although adult fire ant workers can chew, they cannot eat solid food; they can swallow only liquids.

Solid foods that are brought back into the colony are digested by the oldest larvae (fourth instar) and fed to other members of the colony in a process called trophallaxis. [Watch VIDEO]



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