What kind of weed killer can we use that won’t hurt flowers and shrubs?

Gardens & Landscapes November 27, 2007 Print Friendly and PDF
For the backyard gardener, hand weeding and mulching are more appropriate than chemical controls. Some circumstances may warrant chemical help. However, you may be limited on what you can use around flowers and shrubs without potential damage. If you have grassy weed problems, products containing fluazifop or sethoxydim may control grassy weeds without damage to most broadleaf plants. However, most postemergent herbicides that control broadleaf weeds have the potential to damage desirable broadleaf plants through foliar contact or absorption through the root system. Once undesirable weeds are removed, chemical control options can include preemergent herbicides. For the home gardener, products containing trifluralin may be effective in clean weed-free beds. Be sure and read the label on all of these chemical products for proper use and other precautionary statements. It would be best to consult with your local county Extension office for specific herbicide recommendations.

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