How should I prune my Heritage raspberries?

Gardens & Landscapes December 19, 2007|Print
Unlike summer-bearing raspberry cultivars that bear fruit on second-year shoots called floricanes, Heritage is an erect, "everbearing" red raspberry cultivar that produces fruit on the upper third of first-year canes, or primocanes, in late summer and early fall. If these canes are overwintered, they become floricanes and will bear a second crop on the lower two-thirds of the canes in early summer. Consider cultivating Heritage for a single late-season crop, because the best quality fruits are produced on the primocanes. In addition, trellising will not be required and harvesting will be much easier. In early spring before new growth begins, cut the old canes as low to the ground as possible to encourage buds to break from below the soil surface. Remove and discard the canes. Obviously, this approach cannot be performed with summer-bearing red raspberry cultivars that bear fruit on second-year canes.

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