Are cast iron plants deer resistant? I have an area where I need to plant something. We have lots of deer in the area, and this area is shaded and does not get much rain (roof of house extends over it), so it will require watering. I thought cast iron plants would work best if deer will leave them alone.

Gardens & Landscapes, Wildlife Damage Management July 14, 2007 Print Friendly and PDF
The cast iron plant (Aspidistra elatior) is not deer proof, but it is also not heavily browsed in the most deer-populated areas of San Antonio. However, this is really no indication of how much damage it might suffer in your area. You might test with a few plants before you commit to a larger planting. Given that this is a rather small area and next to your house, fencing could discourage browsing. However, remember that hungry deer eat anything they can reach.

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