For the past couple of years my beans have not been growing properly. The bean plant is stringy, and it just keeps getting stringier all over my other plants and won't grow any beans.

Gardens & Landscapes May 15, 2008 Print Friendly and PDF
It's very possible that you have a vining, pole-type, late-maturing beans. Otherwise they would be growing as short plants (bush-type beans) and would be producing beans. Try some of the following bush-type beans and you will be pleased with the results: Blue Lake (be sure it is the bush-bean type and not the pole bean variety); Contender; Straight 'N Narrow, a French filet shoestring-type bean served in many gourmet restaurants; Greencrop; Filet Bean Triumph de Farcy; Fordhook Standard; and finally, a bean fit for aristocrats, Filet Bean La France.

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