*Some of my growing pigs/adult pigs have a high temperature, appear cold/chilled, are off feed, have a stiff gait, always want to lie down and have raised diamond lesions on their skin. What is causing this?

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Cause: Erysipelas (pronounced 'ear-i-sip-halis') can cause generalized disease in growing pigs and adult pigs. Affected pigs will be off-feed, have a high temperature, and frequently have raised spots on the skin that may be darker in color. This bacteria travels through the blood stream producing damage that causes small blood clots to form and get stuck in the small vessels of the skin. This causes the blood to back up behind them, producing a swelling and discoloration. Even when the spots can?t be seen, the swelling can be felt by running a hand over the pig's skin.

Infectivity: Erysipelas is carried by 20-50% of pigs on the tonsils. Stressed pigs are most susceptible. Erysipelas can be cross-infected from turkeys.

Prevention: Erysipelas is prevented by vaccination.

Treatment: Inject procaine Penicillin 1x day for 3 days. Untreated pigs will die or begin to recover in 4-7 days.

Differentials: Mange, Salmonellosis and Anthrax

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