How can I prevent the spread of disease on my farm and the introduction of diseases onto my farm?

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Minimize disease spread on your farm by controlling varying environmental factors, such as:

1. Manure contamination. 2. Dirty feeding troughs and water tubs. 3. Housing and Pasture Sanitation, 4. Quarantine or sick pen area, 5. Monitoring and restricting the amount of traffic in and out animal quarters. 6. Rodents, insects, and external parasites that serve as vectors in spreading diseases. 7.Ensure the goats on your farm are current with vaccinations or deworming.  8. Implement BMPs (best management practices) on the farm.

Newly purchased or newly acquired animals should be isolated and quarantined for at least 30-90 days before introducing them to your main herd. This will minimize the potential for disease outbreaks on your farm resulting from previous environmental exposure to microorganisms or parasites.

Always obtain new animals from reputable breeders who maintain accurate history of health records on individual animals, as well the entire herd.