How can I make sure my goat kids meet most of their nutritional demands when they are grazing?

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Frontal grazing and creep grazing can be a component of continuous grazing or a rotational stocking system. Those goats with highest nutritional demands (e.g., kids, pregnant or lactating does) should be allowed to graze the pasture first when the grass is more productive and of higher quality, followed by the animals with lower requirements (e.g., dry does). Creep grazing can also provide an extra supplement for the younger animals in the meat goat herd. This system involves fencing a separate area where the does are unable to graze but where the kids can graze. For more information, see Goat Pastures Creep Grazing.  

When the kids are grazing, it also is important to monitor their body condition score to verify that they are not losing weight or flesh. If the kids are not growing, then additional supplementation maybe needed. If the kids are used for brush control, then weight gain may not be primary importance.

If the does are grazing and the kids are nursing, then also you can provide creep feed to the nursing kids to be sure that they are meeting their nutritional needs. Usually it is a good practice to monitor the body condition of both the kids and the does to be sure that they are not getting to skinny.