What should I do after my doe gives birth?

Goats December 05, 2011 Print Friendly and PDF

Ensure the kids suckle and receive colostrum "the first milk" within the first 6-24 hours after birth. Observe and note whether the doe passed placenta. Additional action items should include:

  • Dipping the kids' navel cords in a 7% solution of tincture of iodine to prevent bacterial infections such as “navel joint” ill. 
  • Identify gender of the newborn.
  • Record kids' birth weights and ear tag or tatoo to identify them as part of the herd . 
  • Offer creep feed to kids as soon as possible to stimulate rumen development, early weaning, and early forage consumption.
  • Provide feed that has 14 to 16% crude protein “free choice" to the doe. 
  • After weaning, increase that feed to one-half pound per head per day or according to forage quality and the condition of the animal.  
  • When kids reach 1-2 months (30 and 60 days) of age, vaccinate with C&D tetanus toxoid.
  • Castrate males at two days of age or when at the time of C&D vaccination.

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