How should I select replacement goats?

Goats October 25, 2011 Print Friendly and PDF

When asking about replacement goats we are presuming you mean replacement does.  Replacements are necessary when some breeding animals have died, sold because of low production or unsuitable disposition, or if one is expanding the herd and additional females are required.  Focus on using does that were twins.  Twin does tend to produce twins themselves.  Select replacements from among those that are easy to handle and have evidence of good mothering ability.  Well-grown replacements will tend to produce kids that grow well themselves, but be certain the growth information has been adjusted for non-genetic factors that may allow a candidate to appear more superior than she really is.  An example is that single-born kids will grow faster than twin-born and weigh more at the same age.  The replacement must the structurally sound on their feet and legs and have either a meat-type or a dairy-type conformation, depending on what type of goat is being raised.  Overall health is a critical requisite for replacement animals.  Much of the same can be said for replacement bucks, but in addition there should be some evidence of masculinity, reproductive soundness, and an adequate level of libido.