What are some common procedures to implement when handling newborn kids?

Goats January 09, 2012 Print Friendly and PDF
  • Dip navel cords of each newborn kid

(use tincture of iodine solution to safeguard and prevent entry of disease-causing organisms. Trimming the navel cord down to a length of 3 to 4 inches may be required if cord attached to the umbilicus is too long).

  • Identify gender.
  • Ensure and observe suckling by newborn for adequate consumption of colostrum within the first 6 hours after birth. The colostrum, or "first milk," contains antibodies that are essential to the survival and development of immunity in the newborn kid. 
  • If in doubt,  "strip" the doe's teats to make sure the teat canals are open and the flow of milk is adequate.
  • Establish new identification and health record of newborn to maintain accurate herd inventory records.