Can I make a living off breeding stock only?

Goats October 24, 2011 Print Friendly and PDF

There is not a simple answer to this question. It needs reality check in your area. There are different ways to get reality check.

  • One way to get a reality check is to find out from local farmers or the local Cooperative Extension Service's agricultural agents how much profit can be expected from a doe raising kids.
  • You may be envisioning an enterprise based on show or breeding stock rather than solely on commercial animals and assuming inflated market values. If so, you need to ask yourself further questions.
    • Are there even shows for meat goats or a particular breed in your region?
    • If not, are you prepared to put substantial energy into promoting and coordinating shows?
    • Is there any reason that folks should buy breeding stock from you rather than the person you bought your breeding stock from?
    • Do you enjoy spending time chatting with prospective customers and cleaning your yard or house enough to be comfortable with visitors?
    • Can you purchase enough bloodlines to keep buyers interested in obtaining future breeding stock from you without being limited by too much inbreeding?
    • Is there a demand for market wethers in your area?
    • Are there active 4-H meat goat clubs? If not, are you willing to promote them to the point of being a 4-H leader?
    • What percentage of your kid crop can you reasonably expect to sell as anything but slaughter animals?

You may get some answers after gone through all these excercises.