How do I attract bees to my blueberry bushes for pollination?

Gardens & Landscapes, Blueberries September 21, 2011|Print

Although many insects may pollinate blueberries, the Southern Blueberry Bee is the most common pollinator.

A large, healthy blueberry plant produces thousands of "flower" buds every year. Up to 16 individual flowers may develop from each bud and every flower is a potential berry. But in order to set fruit, pollen that is produced by the flower's anthers must reach the stigma so it can "fertilize" an ovule that will develop into a seed inside the flower's ovary. There are dozens of these developing seeds inside each berry and nearly all of them must be "fertilized" in order for the fruit to develop normally and reach its full size.

To help bees and other pollinator insects, provide a range of plants that will offer a succession of flowers, and thus pollen and nectar, throughout the whole growing season.

For more information, go to this link, Blueberry Pollination, or contact your local Cooperative Extension Service office.

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