Goat Identification System

Goats June 29, 2012|Print

Identification of animals may be temporary or permanent. An example of temporary identification would be neck chains and earĀ tags. Permanent forms of identification include tattoos, hot or cold branding, and microchips.[Goat ID]

As part of the scrapie eradication program, producers of all goat herds are encouraged to obtain a premises identification number. Although this is currently voluntary, in the future, all herds may be required to have a premises identification number for their facility as part of the National Animal Identification System. Sheep and goat producers may call 1-866-UDSA-TAG for information on how to obtain a herd identification number and to obtain individual ID tags for sheep and goats. For more information, contact your state or Cooperative Extension veterinarian, or visit http://www.aphis.usda.gov/animal_health/animal_diseases/scrapie/.