Pesticide Application Recordkeeping

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Pesticide Application Recordkeeping

Why Keep Records? Federal and state laws require you keep application records for restricted-use pesticides, or in some cases for all pesticide applications made by a certified applicator. Application records demonstrate applicator professionalism by documenting legal use, and the safety, care, and concern taken when making the application. Records serve to refresh applicators' memories of procedures, timing, and implemented precautions. They are also extremely important business tools that are useful in tracking inventories, informing the workforce of pesticide applications, and when used in conjunction with pest monitoring records, they allow the applicator to evaluate the effectiveness of the applications.

This site provides information about pesticide recordkeeping. Click on the links below to learn more about this important topic.

Authored by Carol Ramsay, Washington State University

Urban IPM and Pesticide Safety Education Program

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