Pesticide Disposal

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Proper Disposal of Pesticides



DDT Paris-Green Eco flo



This module will help you understand the options for handling and disposing unwanted pesticides and pesticide-treated seed. It provides general principles and external links to organizations that can assist you on the proper disposal of pesticides in your area. Dr. Wayne Buhler, Pesticide Safety Education Specialist, North Carolina State University, compiled the information in this module using resources acknowledged in the Introduction and contributions from national subject matter experts.

  • Nancy Fitz, PhD, Chemical Engineer, US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Fred Gabriel, Line of Business Director, Clean Harbors Environmental Services
  • Derrick Bell, Pesticide Disposal Assistance Director, North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
  • Carol Ramsay, Pesticide Education Specialist, Washington State University


Homeowners may participate in Household Hazardous Waste programs as described in the "Homeowner" section of this web site. The following information is intended for farmers and commercial applicators. Follow all local, state, and federal regulations regarding pesticide handling and disposal, and review the product label for any specific directions.

Compiled by Dr Wayne Buhler

The North Carolina Pesticide Safety Education Program


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