Water Conservation for Children's Public Play Gardens

Water Conservation for Lawn and Landscape November 08, 2013 Print Friendly and PDF

A children's play garden can be a fun and interesting place designed with water conservation principles in mind.  

Many children today have limited contact with the natural world and limited physical activity. By designing play gardens for a variety of activities, children not only experience play but can learn about different aspects of the natural world and benefit from physical activity.

General water conservation (water-wise) design principles can be used to reduce water needs in a children's play garden.

  • Group plants together with similar water needs
  • Create natural areas for demonstration and unstructured play
  • Irrigate efficiently
  • Include areas using permeable paving
  • Reduce the amount of turf by creating practical areas for appropriate activities

Examples of Public Play Gardens

Kentucky Arboretum
Seattle Children's Play Garden
Mordecai Children's Garden