Where can I find suggestions for native plants to replace the invasive plant species in my landscaping?

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Homeowners and other land managers can play a critical role in helping to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive plants. No matter the size of our yard, we can have a direct impact on reducing the introduction of potentially invasive plants into nearby natural areas by simply choosing to plant native or non-invasive plants.

“It is now within the power of individual gardeners to do something that we all dream of doing: to make a difference. In this case, the difference will be to the future of biodiversity, to the native plants and animals of North America, and the ecosystems that sustain them.” Douglas W. Tallamy.

First, check with your local nurseries. If your local nursery does not stock the native plants you want, ask if they will order the plants for you.

If you are unable to order what you need from a local nursery, then check with your state's Native Plant Society and/or Botanical Society. Be sure you choose species that are native to your part of the country. A plant can be native in one part of America and invasive in another.

Here are a few websites where you can find additional information:

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