From Waste to Worth: Advancing Sustainability in Animal Agriculture

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header logo that says livestock and poultry environmental learning center presents "waste to worth" 2015Bringing together the nation's best science with innovative outreach on animal agriculture and the environment. Add in opportunities to meet and network with outstanding people, mix with a multidisciplinary emphasis and collaborative atmosphere.  That is a winning recipe for turning waste into worth!

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Join us March 30-April 3, 2015 in Seattle, WA. We will be headquartered at the Westin hotel. In addition to high-quality technical sessions and posters, we are planning some exceptional tour opportunities and invite you to join us one evening for a traditional Native American salmon bake. Registration will open October 14, 2014. Submit an abstract now! Check out the slide show for a sneak peak at the facilities and sights planned for this conference.

Who Should Attend?

Those who make or influence environmental management decisions on livestock and poultry farms. These include: ag and environmental organizations, consultants, cooperative extension agents and specialists, equipment manufacturing and sales reps, farmers/growers, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) staff, regulatory and policy staff, researchers, and more! Continuing education credits are expected to be available for certified crop advisors, professional animal scientists, professional engineers, technical service providers and others

Conference Organizers

Conference chairs: Joe Harrison and Liz Whitefield, Washington State University and Mark Risse, University of Georgia

Planning committee:  Thomas Bass, Montana State University; Jean Bonhotal, Cornell; Caitlin Conover and Carol Galloway, US EPA, Nichole Embertson, Whatcom Conservation District; Rick Stowell, University of Nebraska; Amanda Douridas, Ohio State; Teng Lim, Univerisity of Missouri; Glenn Carpenter, Sally Bredeweg, Terrell Erickson, and Jeff Porter, USDA NRCS; Erin Cortus, South Dakota State; Josh Payne, Oklahoma State; Kim Cook and Terry Whitehead, USDA ARS; Melony Wilson, University of Georgia; Shafiqur Rahman, North Dakota State

Program chair: Saqib Mukhtar and David Smith, Texas Agri-Life Extension

Program committee: John Brooks, USDA ARS; Bill Lazarus, University of Minnesota; Rhonda Miller, Utah State University; Becky Larson, University of Wisconsin; Amy Schmidt, University of Nebraska; Jactone Arogo, Virginia Tech; Crystal Powers, University of Nebraska; Allison Weideman and Hema Subramanian, US EPA; Mike Westendorf, Rutgers;

Tours: Mollie Bogardus, Green Mountain Technologies; Andy Bary, Washington State

Sponsors and exhibitors: Mike Westendorf, Rutgers; Teng Lim, University of Missouri, Leslie Johnson, University of Nebraska

Proceedings chair: Jill Heemstra, University of Nebraska

Informal Networking Activities

One of the most valuable aspects of a face to face conference is the opportunity to meet and get to know other people working in your area/s of interest. As such, we have developed several optional informal activities to encourage networking among conference participants.

Run/walk: 6:00 a.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings of the conference. Contact: Tommy Bass

Dinner for Six: During the evenings of Monday (pre-conference) and Thursday, participants can sign up to go out for dinner with a group of around six people. Each group will have a volunteer leader and the goal is to help participants meet new people they might not have otherwise. Each person is responsible for their own meal costs. The leader will have some ideas for restaurants but the group will ultimately decide where to eat. The number six is used to encourage chances for everyone to talk and because reservations are usually not needed for a small group. Contact: Rhonda Miller

Grand Crescent Room: Throughout the conference, this room will be open and set up for small group meetings or informal discussions. Contact: Liz Whitefield

Past Conferences

2013 - Denver, CO "Spreading Science and Solutions" : Agenda | ProceedingsStudent Poster Competition Announcement


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