Hobby Leads Student to Mosquito Discovery

Ag Zone, Science for Youth November 26, 2012|Print

Released June 14, 2012

MISSISSIPPI STATE – Bugs provoke shudders or shrieks from most people, but Matthew Thorn seeks them out.

Two years ago, Thorn’s hobby led him to discover the Japanese Rock Pool Mosquito in Mississippi. The mosquito had never before been reported in the state. He collected the insect in its larva stage in Itawamba County. After the adult emerged, he identified it and was shocked by his findings.

“At first I thought, ‘This can’t be right. I must have made a mistake,’” said Thorn, then a recent high school graduate. “So I contacted Wendy Varnado at the Mississippi State Department of Health, and she confirmed I was right.

--continued on Mississippi State University news, http://msucares.com/news/print/lgnews/lg12/120614mosquito.html

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