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Ag Safety and Health September 12, 2013|Print

Marilyn Adams started Farm Safety 4 Just Kids (FS4JK) as a grassroots movement after her son died from suffocation during an incident involving a gravity flow wagon. The movement, which began in Iowa, grew to become a nonprofit organization serving the United States and Canada.

The organization provides resources and training to individuals and groups who wish to conduct activities promoting safety awareness on farms and ranches. FS4JK chapters are located in most U.S. states and in four Canadian territories. FS4JK memberships are available for individuals and businesses.

Click here to be directed to the FS4JK homepage. From the homepage, you can locate your local FS4JK chapter, become a member, and check the events calendar.

Click here to visit the FS4JK education link, which provides instructions for making displays and planning day camps about farm safety, tips for farm safety trainings, and access to farm safety fact sheets.

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