Managing Manure Nutrients Curriculum Materials

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Managing manure and manure nutrients is one of the most visible aspects of environmental stewardship for many farms. The materials on this page developed for use in classrooms and extension programs, and for self-study by farmer, and ag professionals.

Agriculture Professionals and Farmers

These materials were used to create a self study module which includes the option to receive a certificate upon successful completion of the quiz.

Teachers and Educators

Teachers and extension staff are welcome to download these materials and utilize them in your classroom or programs. View lesson plan. To preview the materials before downloading, scroll below the table. View Lesson Plan.

Check out more educational modules available on livestock and poultry environmental stewardship.  These modules have been cross-referenced to the National AFNR career content cluster standards.

Download An Entire Section
(For convenience, all files in each section/row are packaged into one .zip file, except where noted)

Lesson Plan

Download individual items by clicking on the links below

1. Nutrient Management Planning
(6 files; 22MB)


Nutrient plan (2MB) Manure plan (18MB)

17 questions
2. Nutrient Regulations
(5 files; 12MB)
PDF DOCx Regulations (10MB) Regs &
8 questions
3. Water Quality & Nutrients
(5 files; 26MB)
PDF DOCx  Water (24MB) 11 questions

4. Manure Storage, Agitation & Handling
(5 files; 26MB)

PDF DOCx Storage (24MB) Storage &
10 questions
5. Safety (Manure Gases)
(5 files; 65MB)


Gases (MB) 17 questions

6. Liquid and Solid Manure Application
(7 files; 65 MB)
Note: due to size, the "Surface Application" video is not in the ZIP file and needs to be downloaded separately.

PDF DOCx Surface Application (47MB) Liquid Manure (23MB) GPS (20MB) N Stabilizers (19MB) Application 10 questions
7. Spreader Calibration
(3 files; 27MB)
PDF Calibration (27MB) n/a 2 questions
8. Spill Response
(5 file; 26MB)
PDF DOCx Spills (23MB) Spills & Public Relations 10 questions
9. Public Relations
(4 file; 20MB)
PDF DOCx Public Image (16MB) n/a

*Use the .pdf format if you wish to print the fact sheets and use as-is. Use the .docx format if you want to edit the fact sheet.

Preview 1-3: Nutrient Management Planning, Regulations, Water Quality

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Preview 4-6: Manure Storage, Safety, Manure Application

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Building Environmental Leaders in Animal Agriculture (BELAA) is a collaborative effort of the National Young Farmers Educational Association, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Montana State University. It was funded by the USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA) under award #2009-49400-05871. This project would not be possible without the Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center the National eXtension Initiative, National Association of County Ag Agents (NACAA), National Association of Agriculture Education (NAAE), Farm Credit Services of America, American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS), and Montana FFA Association.