Biomass to Biofuels Course at UVM: Spring 2013 4 credits from Jan 25 to Apr 26 - Fri & Sat

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Biomass to Biofuels course - 2013 Spring Semester, University of Vermont (UVM)

4 Credits, January 25, 2013 to April 26, 2013 (Fridays & Saturdays  1:00PM - 4:30PM; some Saturdays field trips might start AM; no classes during the regular breaks/holidays, plus 2 weeks self-study for the course project; final exam in May) ; 

Location:  UVM campus & throughout Vermont for field trips/hands on experience

Full Details at:  

Cross listed as: ENSC 285 Z1; NR 285 Z2; TRC 295 Z1 (links below)

CONTACTS: For syllabus related questions contact the LEAD INSTRUCTOR at  (For registering email ( ) or call 800-639-3210 or 802-656-2085 to make a phone or in-person appointment with a Continuing Education Adviser to discuss your options)

INSTRUCTORS: UVM faculty members and EXPERTS from VT-based Biomass/biofuels businesses (see the list at course website)

DETAILS: Experts in following areas will provide hands-on instruction in various biofuels including: LIQUID BIOFUELS (oil seed-based biodiesel; bioethanol; algae-biofuel); SOLID BIOFUELS (wood & grass energy), BIOGAS (the farm-based energy); a wide-range of Biofuels related science & technology topics, background & literature, as well as important  environmental, economic, social and other Biofuels related issues (see the course website for details).


All welcome: Degree and non-degree seeking students, farmers, budding entrepreneurs, teachers (interested in developing curriculum, or projects at school or college levels) and others.


    A.ON CAMPUS CLASSES: BY UVM FACULTY MEMBERS and EXPERTS from VT-based-biofuels businesses;
    B.HANDS ON FIELD WORK & SERVICE LEARNING PROJECTS involving tours to Farms/Biofuel facilities & related projects;
    C.TALKS by guest-speakers/experts from businesses;
    E.ONLINE CLASSES: supplementary classes/information including video clips and discussions.
ENSC 285:
NR 285:
TRC 295: