A service member wants to eliminate outstanding debts as quickly as possible. Is there a tool that will help the service member do this?

Military Families December 18, 2012|Print

Have the service member visit powerpay.org and create an account. Once the account is created, the service member can begin to develop a repayment plan. The website will allow the service member to arrange payment amounts in an order that will be most beneficial (e.g., highest interest rate first, smallest balance first, shortest term first). The plan will show the dollar amount saved and time reduction if an “additional” dollar (power payment) amount is added to the minimum payment.

The payment plan specifies all monthly payment amounts and where to apply the power payment when one debt is paid off. The power payment is obtained by adding the funds from a debt that has been paid to the next debt in line. The PowerPay website is free and used by financial readiness groups throughout the military.