In what ways can service members save money at the commissary on base?

Military Families December 18, 2012 Print Friendly and PDF

The commissary reports that a family of four saves $4,486.48 per year when shopping at the commissary. Compound the savings with meal plans, shopping lists, and coupons, and a military family can see substantial savings each year. A meal plan includes sketching out menus for the week, which are broken down into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Families can plan a menu by looking through cookbooks and/or sales ads.

After a family has written out a meal plan, they should make a shopping list. Families should stick to the shopping list and avoid purchasing things that are not on the list. Coupons can also aid in creating a meal plan. For example, one might have a coupon for chicken that expires in a week. To take advantage of the coupon, the meal plan can include a chicken entree for dinner. The commissary also offers a “shopping list” feature on its website that allows a service member to pick and choose items to instantly generate a shopping list.

For more information, refer to (click on Create a Shopping List link).