A newly married couple just moved into military housing but has no furniture. How can they get great furnishings on a tight budget?

Military Families December 19, 2012|Print

A young couple on a tight budget has many options for furnishing a home. Discount retailers including Wal-Mart, Target, and Kmart sell inexpensive furniture at affordable prices. It might not be heirloom furniture that they will keep forever but simply functional pieces. Even a card table and two to four chairs will work fine for a dining table for a young couple on a tight budget.

Retailers such as IKEA also offer affordable furniture in a wide variety of styles. Craigslist can be an invaluable resource to find great deals on furniture of all styles and sizes, and thrift stores, including Goodwill and Salvation Army, often sell inexpensive furniture that can easily be given new life with a little elbow grease and a coat of paint.

Many good-quality goods are also available on base. Military families should start their search for needed items at the base exchange and military thrift stores and review base newspaper advertisements for items on sale. Off base, less expensive purchasing methods for household furnishings (rather than going to a “big-box” retailer) include civilian thrift stores, consignment shops, flea markets, and garage sales.