Network Literacy December 20, 2012 Print Friendly and PDF is a news-curation website that allows users to browse through topics that have been created by collecting articles based on identified tags. Curators on the site create accounts and identify search terms, or tags, related to a topic that are then shared on their page. Users can then subscribe to these pages. Alternatively, users can browse through popular or trending topics or search for a particular topic using the search engine. 

Users don't have to register for an account to view content. To create a curated topic, registration is required. Viewers can "rescoop" pages of interest to share on their own curated pages. pages can be linked to Facebook and Twitter accounts. 

By clicking on the article's title, a user is directed to the original source. Users may also suggest content by adding an URL through the "suggest" tab. This is then sent to the page's curator for approval and addition to the page.

Account holders receive daily emails from on their curated topic. 


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