Where can I receive first aid training?

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To locate a first aid class in your area, check with the local hospital or emergency medical services or the local Red Cross office. The more people trained in first aid on a farm or ranch operation, the better. You never know who will be the first person on the scene of an agricultural incident, and having as many people as possible trained in first aid improves the likelihood that someone will be able to respond appropriately to an accident victim.

  • Click here to be directed to the national website of the American Red Cross. When you enter your zip code, the website provides the contact information for the local Red Cross office. Contact the local office to get information about first aid trainings scheduled in your area.
  • Click here to be directed to the National Safety Council website. When you enter information to identify your locale and the type of class of desired, the website provides the contact information of a first aid instructor in your area.

For more information about basic first aid and emergency response, click the article titles below:

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