Community Development Conference Call for Abstracts

Entrepreneurs & Their Communities December 20, 2012|Print

Conference Theme - Beyond the Boundaries: Creating Innovation through Regional Collaboration

No matter how you look at it, communities have experienced some difficult times in recent years. Be it the product of fiscal stresses, economic uncertainties, high levels of unemployment/underemployment, rising poverty rates, population shifts, housing instability, or spiraling health care costs, communities are at a crossroads when it comes to offering local people a high quality of life. In it is in these challenging times, however, that towns, cities, and counties are finding new ways to think, plan, and act -- doing so in part through regional collaborations and innovations.

The 2013 Annual Meeting of the Community Development Society will showcase effective approaches that are creating win/win situations for local communities as a result of reaching beyond their traditional geographic boundaries. Be it in the areas of economic development, health, education, local facilities/services, transportation, natural resources management or more, the Charleston conference will provide an ideal setting to introduce CDS members and guests to the important ways to innovate in times of uncertainty via the use of regional activities and strategies.

Abstract due date - 2/15/13

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