Utilization of Genomic Information for the Sheep Industry

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Adapted from Sheep Industry Research Journal

During the ASI Annual Convention in Scottsdale, Ariz., January 26, 2012, a research symposium Utilization of Genomic Information for the Sheep Industry was co-sponsored by the American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) and the American Sheep and Goat Center (ASGC).   The speakers addressed the symposium topic from the following points of view, reflecting their different expertise and experiences: Genomic Information Available for Use by the Sheep Industry, Noelle E. Cockett, Utah State University; Application of Genomic Information for Improvement of Quantitative Traits, David R. Notter, Virginia Tech University; Utilization and Potential of Estimates of Genetic Value from an Industry Perspective, David L. Thomas, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Utilization from a Producer Perspective, Chase T. Hibbard, sheep producer, Helena, Mont.; and Genetic Selection Specifically Utilized for Evaluating the Introduction of Outside Breeds and Measuring Their Potential, John Helle, sheep producer, Dillon, Mont.  Click here to view proceeding papers.


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