Student Poster Winners Announced at National Livestock and Poultry Environmental Quality Conference

Dairy, Animal Manure Management, Hogs, Pigs, and Pork April 12, 2013|Print

From left: Kelsey Bruning, Fei Sun and Kira Shonkwiler receive awards.


Released April 12, 2013

Students from Colorado State University, Washington State University and Iowa State University received cash awards for educational posters on air, water, soil and climate at the From Waste to Worth: “Spreading” Science and Solutions conference April 1 - 5 in Denver.

Kira Shonkwiler, doctorial candidate in atmospheric science at Colorado State University, was named first place winner with a poster on direct measurements of methane emissions from a dairy lagoon in Northeast Colorado. Shonkwiler has a master’s in agronomy from Kansas State University and a bachelor’s in meteorology from Iowa State University.

Fei Sun, animal science graduate student at Washington State University, had the second place poster about the interactive effects of anaerobic digestion, solids removal and a manure additive on ammonia emissions from dairy manure during storage. The results showed that the anaerobic digestion resulted in greater NH3 emission.

The third place award went to Kelsey Bruning, a senior in civil engineering from Iowa State University. Her poster was on measuring greenhouse gas emissions from land-applied swine manure on cropland.

“The poster contest for students represented some of the best presentations I have experienced, in both the aesthetic and technical aspects of the posters, as well as the oral presentations to the judging panel,” said Thomas M. Bass, Livestock Environment Associate Specialist with Montana State University Extension. “I have no doubt these student researchers will make great contributions throughout their careers. Due to the high quality, the judging was quite difficult; the scores from five independent judges came in extremely close.”

The memorial student poster competition honored Ron Sheffield, longtime member of the Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center (LPELC) on and a faculty member at Louisiana State University. He was known for his research and Extension work producing high quality materials and making research knowledge useful and down-to-earth for farmers and their advisors.

“Ron was an integral team member for LPELC. We wanted to honor him and all his contributions and felt that recognizing future leaders was a good way to do this. We hope that this poster contest continues long into the future and allows us all to learn about or remember Ron's contributions,” said Mark Risse, Georgia Power Professor of Water Resources at the University of Georgia.

Ron Sheffield’s widow, Juliana, attended the conference and explained, "Ron always enjoyed attending conferences like this. When he came home, he was excited about the research being conducted, the projects getting started and the connections made. He would be honored to be remembered for his contributions to the field and would have been thrilled to see the great work these students presented today."

The Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center on eXtension organized the conference.

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