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Released May 17, 2013


COLLEGE STATION, Texas - A food handler’s course, Food Safety: It’s In Your Hands, accredited by the Texas Department of State Health Services is being offered by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.

More than 13 million people are employed in restaurants nationwide. The National Restaurant Association’s annual Restaurant Industry Forecast, predicts U.S. eateries will serve up about $660 billion worth of food this year.

The two-hour online course is highly recommended for all food service employees to help learn about the safe food preparation and service. The course is a basic overview of food safety practices with emphases on personal hygiene, cross contamination, and time and temperature abuse.

AgriLife Extension nutrition specialist Dr. Jenna Anding said the online food handler’s training program could offer a competitive edge for potential employees – especially students and other first-time hires.

“This would be something for individuals who are looking for that first job,” Anding suggested. “Many times food service is the first job a teenager has. And even though their local health department may or may not require a food handler’s card, having this card in advance of applying for such a job shows that they are committed to food safety.”

To register for the course go to The course costs $15and is available in English and Spanish. It includes pre-and post-surveys to help participants assess their gain in food safety knowledge. Upon completion of those two short surveys, the participant will be prompted to print a food handler’s certificate, valid for two years in Texas, complete with accreditation number, the AgriLife Extension contact information, and the expiration date

For more information about Food Safety: It’s In Your Hands, contact Rebecca Dittmar at or (830) 896-9037.  


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