About the Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center

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Our Vision

Individuals involved in public policy issues, animal production, and delivery of technical services for animal agriculture will have on-demand access to the nation's best science-based resources that is responsive to priority and emerging environmental issues associated with animal agriculture.

Contact Us

If you have questions, comments, suggestions, something to add to this website, or would like to become a member.....

Partnering on grant projects, web content: Jill Heemstra, University of Nebraska jill.heemstra@unl.edu

Webcast series, web content: Leslie Johnson, University of Nebraska leslie.johnson@unl.edu

Leadership committee:

Team leaders:

Commitments of this Team

A national team representing a broad spectrum of those creating, delivering and utilizing research-based knowledge will establish a national Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center committed to:

  • Implementing a customer driven approach that will identify critical or emerging issues. We regularly ask stakeholders what they need and what direction we should go.
  • Coordinating for each priority issue the assembly of our best science-based information. Reliable, credible information that is reviewed and recommended by a multi-disciplinary team of experts.
  • Developing and testing innovative outreach models for connecting those who are creating new research knowledge with the end users of that knowledge. We are finding new ways to learn and interact with experts and peers.
  • Identifying appropriate national learning center roles that best support existing organizations committed to an outreach mission. We aren't going to reinvent any wheels--we will find ways to help increase the profile of good resources that are already out there

Our Audience

Our ultimate customer is the livestock or poultry producer. However, this project recognizes that there is an existing network of organizations delivering information to this audience and we place a high value on working with groups and organizations that influence animal producer decisions such as commodity groups, ag organizations, public and private sector advisors, and those involved in public policy implementation.