Horses Learning Lessons

Horses September 26, 2014|Print

eXtension's team of horse experts have developed specialized lessons to provide the most complete information about horse care and management.


Youth Courses

Horse Sense: Youth Equine Farm Safety Course NEW!

HorseXploration: Exploring the World of Horses


Adult Horse Leader Resources

Horse Adult Leader Training and Educational Resource


Horse Hay and Pasture Management

Horse Hay

Equine Pasture Management


Horse Training and Behavior

Effective Horse Training and Rider Development

Understanding Bits for Horses


Horse Health and Genetics

Equine Metabolic Syndrome

Equine Shivers

Equine Genetics: An Important Diagnostic Tool


Horse Care and Management

Basic Horse Care & Management

Horse Owner Survival

How to Body Condition Score Horses

Introduction to Horses and Horse Activities

Understanding Horse Coat Color

New and Prospective Horse Owner's Need to Know...

Management Strategies for Over- and Underweight Horses


Most learning lessons are displayed using the online course tool known as Moodle. You will need to create an account and register with Moodle to view and participate in this and other equine courses offered by eXtension. Some learning lessons require Flash Player 8 or higher for viewing. Download your free version of Flash .