New Online Impact Statement Reporting Course Now Available

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On November 1, a new online Professional Development course on Impact Statement Reporting for Extension professionals nationwide became available on This course, the product of years of research and development, was created and is presented by a team of land-grant communications professionals especially for Extension professionals.

“In the decade we spent developing Impact information for Extension and research nationwide, what we found year-after-year was an on-going need for training,” says Dave King, Associate Provost of Outreach and Engagement at Oregon State University and co-leader of the development team. “This Impact Statement Reporting course is the cumulative aggregation of the training expertise of many people who have spent years training faculty and administrators in the value and process of impact reporting.”

Impact report writing is a critical skill for Extension professionals to demonstrate the public value of their work to their communities, their state organizations, funders and taxpayers. The goal of the set of course modules is to provide self-paced training in an online format that offers consistency across trainings, accessibility, and ease of use for people with busy schedules.  Completion of the course requires approximately 1.5 hours of instructional time and assignments.

“This is the first time that online impact writing and reporting training has been developed and offered on a national scale,” adds Terry Meisenbach of eXtension, also co-leader of the course development team. “In addition to teaching effective report writing, if focuses on how to identify impacts, develop and prepare material for the writer, and share the information in an impactful way across audiences. It is useful not only for those who write the reports, but for those who are involved in identifying impacts, collecting data and submitting impact reports.”

Enrollment in Impact Report Writing is offered FREE for Extension professionals from institutions that are members of the eXtension Foundation.  There is a charge of $80 per person for enrollees from non-member institutions. This offering is subject to a one-year limit.

To facilitate enrollment, we ask Extension Directors or Administrators to identify a contact person who will help in promoting the course within their institutions, communicating any responses or feedback to eXtension, and receiving course reports on participation by members of their institutions.

For more course information and to enroll:

To appoint a contact person at your institution, send an email to Larry Lippke at

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