2018 Impact Collaborative Fellows

Food Systems – Melanie Weir
Digital Green – Jennifer Cook
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Shatomi Luster-Edwards
Behavioral Health – Jami Dellifield and Courtney Cuthbertson
Program Design & Development – Karen Vines

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melanie weirFood Systems Fellow – Melanie Weir

As a creative designer and food system researcher, Melanie focuses on artistic expression, community leadership, diversity in entrepreneurship, and urban food system growth and development. As a strategic advisor, Melanie has worked on projects that inspire her and that are aligned with creating a better Earth and better communities in a world value system focused on people and planet. Visit her Fellowship Page…

Melanie’s role with the Impact Collaborative will be to lead the Food Systems cohort. She will set up an organizing committee, recruit participants, and support IC members throughout the process. You can contact Melanie at melanieweir@extension.org

jennifer cookDigital Green – Jennifer Cook

Inspired by traveling and trying new ideas, Jennifer has developed innovative programming and education for her clients in Colorado. She hopes to foster a partnership with US Extension agents and Digital Green in developing a few pilot programs that use software to streamline food system market linkages. Visit her Fellowship Page…

Jennifer will work to pilot the innovative technology platform of Digital Green with selected Impact Collaborative projects. You can contact Jennifer at jennifer.cook@colostate.edu

Shatomi Luster EdwardDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion – Shatomi Luster-Edwards

Dr. Shatomi Luster-Edward is a Financial Education Specialist with the University of Missouri (MU) Extension. She focuses on various aspects of financial education that include the following initiatives and programs: economic development, rapid response for dislocated workers, payday lending, small dollar loans, tax assistance, renting and housing initiatives, to name a few.

She will devote the majority of her time in 2018 to setting up an organizing committee, recruiting participants, and mobilizing support networks for Impact Collaborative participants. You can contact Dr. Luster-Edward at shatomile@extension.org

Behavioral Health – Courtney Cuthbertson and Jami Dellifield

Courtney Cuthbertson, Michigan State University and Jami Dellifield, Ohio State University

(More coming soon!)

Karen VinesProgram Design and Development – Karen Vines

Karen is an assistant professor and continuing professional education specialist with a split teaching and Extension appointment in the Agricultural, Leadership, and Community Education department at Virginia Tech. Karen teaches the introduction to Cooperative Extension class and the online graduate nonformal teaching and learning course. She also provides professional development workshops on program planning to agents in Virginia Cooperative Extension. Visit her Fellowship Page…

Karen will serve as a key informant for the 2018 Impact Collaborative in program development and will focus on helping extension professionals use engagement in their program planning. Dr. Vines can be contacted at kvines@vt.edu