University of Nebraska New Learning Experience for 4-H team earns Crowdfunding award at eXtension’s Impact Collaborative Summit

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November 16th, 2018
Contact: Aaron Weibe,

Indianapolis, IN. Nebraska New Learning Experience for 4-H, a team from the University of Nebraska, participated in eXtension’s Impact Collaborative Summit from October 16th – 18th in Indianapolis, IN. The Summit united design thinkers from the Cooperative Extension System and partners from organizations confronting the most pressing challenges of our time to shape positive futures for communities. Three days of co-creating, hands-on learning, and collaborative conversations sparked innovation and creative implementation planning in over 30 projects designed for local community impacts. Summit teams, which included Extension professionals and partners, along with diverse partners from regional and national organizations and businesses explored the processes and practices that enable co-creative approaches to the challenges and opportunities in our communities.

The Nebraska Regional Foods team included Erin Ingram, Jacie Milius, Ashu Guru, Surin Kim, and Angie Rushman. Their project reimagines 4-H club experiences through leveraging technology to bridge geographic gaps by providing a virtual 4-H club experience utilizing existing 4-H curriculum and experiences to increase the increase the vitality of Nebraska’s rural communities.

At the end of the three-day Summit, teams participated in a “PitchFest”  where they each presented the advancements on their projects and the important next steps and investments needed to move forward.  The PitchFest was judged by external partners/investors, Extension leaders, and peer co-creators.

As a result of the PitchFest, Nebraska New Learning Experience for 4-H  earned a Crowdfunding award for their project. This award has earned them strategic support from Lynn Luckow, founder of, to position their project for crowdfunding on the platform in the coming months.

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